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Rafael O. Quezada

Rafael designed the first supermarket-rooftop (locavore) farm in a city (New Orleans) and was the conceptualist and building designer for the Aquaponics Greenhouse at Westchester Enriched Sciences Magnet High School in Los Angeles. This project won two Aspen Challenge Awards (Aspen Institute), in 2013 and 2015. Rafael’s lifelong passion for the environment, children, education and nutrition engage his time and attention. He dedicates himself daily to the process of raising awareness about environmental restoration and food-purity issues, beginning with the first one thousand days of infant development, through school curriculum that can seed in young minds the desire for a rich and rewarding lifetime of nutritional discovery, intellectual enrichment.

An artist, Rafael's area of focus at St. Mary’s College-Moraga and Mills College-Oakland was design and construction of monumental sculpture in public spaces. As a student, he was featured in large outdoor exhibits and in conjunction with concerts in parks, forests, and installations suspended over water. As a conscious adult, putting to work similar planning, he seeks to develop a metropolitan-scaled network of pure-foods agriculture, remotely monitored and quality-controlled. He is the Founder of The Rootstock Foundation and serves as the Executive Director.


Robert Mozejewski

Robert has been an urban farmer since he moved to L.A. in 1978 and is an expert in raised‐bed farming techniques, including aeroponic, hydroponic and aquaponic methodologies. He has worked in the entertainment industry for both William Morris Agency and Kragen & Company and has been involved in the production of large multi‐media projects including USA for Africa: We Are the World, Hands Across America as well as Eating LA. He is currently involved with the EarthWE.com project where he is building a social network to reward individuals who are doing good deeds in the world. He joins The Rootstock Foundation as Chief Marketing Officer.



The RootStock Foundation

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