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“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” – Buckminster Fuller

Change is certainly needed and change is possible, but it has to be implemented through established channels by ascending generations that spend quality time learning what is needed to genuinely enable restoration, protection and preservation of native habitat. There are so many places in a typical urban environment where previous generations have often overlooked, taken for granted, and, in some cases, damaged the Earth for lack of mindfulness and appreciation of precious resources.




In the process of introducing partnership with nature, eventually the desired outcomes for urban environments collide head-on with city hall, where the keys to realizing change are processed through established hierarchies of governance. In the interest of the common good, overcoming resistance of special interests through the legislative and urban planning processes is what facilitates meaningful development. People are more important than money and the Earth is the true wealth of any and every society. It's the treasure that must be cared for, the legacy that will endlessly be inherited by future generations.

The RootStock Foundation puts the process of urban change, restoration, and permacultural renewal in the hands of young leaders, accessing the Executive Director's 35 years experience as a general contractor (licensed, still bonded and in good standing) along with the 10 years experience as an architectural designer. A wide range of skillsets are introduced, including conceptualization of goals to be realized by means of plan preparation for needed renewal and/or thoughtful construction/development.


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We use real-world community outreach to give students a firsthand experience. The RootStock partners with citizen-owners that express interest in participating within the educational process, allowing use of their private urban and rural property to host commercial farming and permaculture improvements. Working with the advisement of California State Board of Education curricular developers, we fit the lesson-building into University of California-approved curricular programming. Participating students learn the process of urban planning, design and planning for construction and landscaping, process of permitting and inspecting by city and state officials that lead to building of permaculture and agriculture structures that improve societal outcomes of surrounding communities.  









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