California Science Center


Endeavor Space Shuttle


Exciting things are happening at the California Science Center located at Exposition Park in Los Angeles. The world renowned museum is expanding and moving the space shuttle Endeavor into a newly designed exhibition wing. There, it will be rotated to its vertical launch position, attached to its External Tank rocket (ET-119) with two side-mounted Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB).

The RootStock Foundation will be a participant in planning for a "space-colonization" agriculture exhibit. We will involve science students at local high-schools in our process, from design to construction. Additionally, The RootStock Foundation and its advisory council will also develop a multimedia program, with lecturers drawn from RootStock's council of advisors, to highlight the relationship of systems designed for colonizing distant worlds and the systems needed to assure health through nutrition in Earth's 21st Century mega-cities. These systems are useful on planet Earth, today, to assure health through nutrition for the millions of people living in food deserts across America.

These events will be presented in the museum's auditorium and coordinated between the California Science Center and schools that will be bussed in from near, far and wide, to attend events year-round. 

We'll fill you in on details as they progress.


Entrance, California Science Center



Endeavor, currently on display in temporary exhibition hall at California Science Center


And a look at the future


Artists model of new Oschin Space Pavilion coming the California Science Center






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