Aquaponics Labs

Waters Wheel Aquaponics Labs

Aquaponics Labs, developed to illustrate complex concepts in easy to understand terms, bring all the core principles, as well as many of the building blocks of life on Earth, into the classroom. Depending on grade level and subject, emphases on different kinds and levels of understanding are implemented through coursework that accommodates lessons prepared separately by teachers. These labs serve as a transparent filter through which all forms of life on Earth can either be seen or deduced through curricular enhancement and visualizations. The RootStock makes the whole, wondrous reality into an exciting lesson for students that can be adjusted by the teacher to help illustrate the lessons they are required to teach by state and district educational rules, including Common Core standards and the STEM learning model

Basic lab cost is $5,000.00. Teacher training, STEM/Common Core enhancement curriculum, tailored for each grade, with follow-up support for teachers, $2,500.00. Automated remote control, $2,500. Total cost with automation, $10,000.


Classrom AQP Lab, double trough





 Aquaponically grown lettuce






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